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Casinos Online Gaming. If you want the best casinos online this is for sure the best one in UK, has quality info about online gaming
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There are a few good places for poker news and poker articles, but only one about famous poker players and poker stars

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 One of our favorite gambling guide is gambling24.com the guide reviews casinos in a nice and helpful way
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Poker and gambling have now become legitimate professions and many feel that poker is a sport because it is skilled based. Because gambling and poker have been elevated to the level of a profession, students of gambling and poker from around the world are seeking out mentors, study guides and perfecting their abilities. While many professional poker players are self-employed, others of higher caliber take the profession to an entirely different level. Those poker professionals obtain corporate sponsorship and thus create other streams of revenue. Poker and gambling professionals that receive corporate sponsorship then become companies of their own and that is where the real money starts to roll in.

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